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More Services that we can offer you:

More Services we can offer to you:

We have worked really hard so that you have the best cycling experience on your vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun and the Riviera Maya. We develop different companies so that we can offer you the best support in your Bici-cations in the jungle. In the group we have two cycling shops in Cancun, A park for Mountain Bike, a bicycle rental company of all kinds, as well as a cycling tour company. We are members of the oldest Mountain Bike club of the Yucatan Peninsula, in addition to supporting and organizing many competitions and events a year so you can enjoy your stay like you never imagined.

We have been working real hard so you can have the best cycling experience on your vacation, here, at Cancun & Riviera Maya. We have been developing different companies so we can offer you the best back up in your bike-ations in the jungle. We have a Couple of Bike Shop, We built a Mountain Bike Park, A place for Bike Rentals, a MTB %& Road Tours company, and we are also proud members of the oldest Mountain Bike Club, and so, we organize a lot of races so you can enjoy your stay as you never imagine.​

Elite Cyclery

The Big Store

Bike Shop

Trek, Scott & Bianchi Dealer in Cancun

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Elite Cyclery

Bicycle Rentals

All types of bicycles for rent

Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Urban-Hybrids & Cruisers

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Elite Cyclery

Bike Tours

The Best Road cycling and Mountain Bike Tours on the Yucatan Peninsula

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Elite Cyclery


We use German technology to reach the excellence timing our cycling races timing

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Punta Venado Bike Park

Considered one of the best places in Mexico for trail riding, you can't miss it

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